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Worth Ztranzit  token

$ZTNZ Currently In Circulation

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Register On ai_Delivery App

Registered  users. especially those providing courier services are expected to  complete all level of verification  

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Search Connect Negotiate

Depending your preference you  either request /post a delivery just like you request for Uber ride  or Avail yourself to be an agent 

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Accept Fulfill & Get paid

Someone  in your location might just be needing  your service to deliver an item to wherever you are heading. Be sure to check your ai_Delivery app before you walk out that door

Why Choose ZTNZ Coin ?

Ztranzit token($ZTNZ) Is a Untility  token Created on the TRON Blockchain to Facilitate global payment on ai_Delivery app and other gaming applications

ZTNZ coin Is Unique because it is more than just a token, it  serves as medium of exchange. Super-fast  to transfer and it is a great asset to have. Created by ai_Delivery a start up logistics  company with a vision to provide earning opportunities to millions across the globe, especially those in the developing countries, using blockchain technology to disrupt the logistic and courier industry world wide . to facilitate seamless cross-border payments and innovating a Peer to Peer delivery system using a world class APP that connects or matches delivery request to anyone available to deliver such request and earn money. Also giving travelers the opportunity to take up delivery request from one geographical location to another, not to mention store keepers, traders,eateries making home deliveries to whoever wants what anywhere.

Our Goal Is To Provide Earning Opportunities to Millions Of People Worldwide Using Blockchain Technology
Our Strategy and Project Plan

Ours is to introduce blockchain to the common man in the street helping them earn money  through this medium by taking up a delivery  task. Anyone with a smart phone and internet connection can make a decent living using ai_Delivery app  

4th Quarter 2018

The idea was born in one of our NEM Meet- up  sessions to embark on this journey   and a motion was set  to select and  employ needed  talent   to work on this blockchain project

3rd Quarter 2019

Lunched first air drop 

Built up Ztranzit  commuittee on



and Telelgram 

4th Quarter 2019

Attempted to launch IEO but due to some unforeseen circumstances the agreement fell through.

1st, 2nd, 3rd Quarters,2020

Went back to the drawing board Swap ZTNZ Coin from ERC20  to TRC20

4th Quarter 2020

Redesign Ztranzit website,

 Launch Initial Exchange offering,

List ZTNZ coin on at least two more exchanges,

Release ai_Delivery App beta Version 1.0 



1st Quarter 2021

Relaunch ai_Delivery app with ZTNZ coin payment and Swap Option from Fiat to ZTNZ and vice versa.

Embark on a 1 million user /App downloads campaign using organized  meet up programs   in several countries as a major tool as well as Adverts and Airdrop 

2nd Quarter 2021

launch Ztranzit peer to peer exchange where $ZTNZ and other digital currencies can be exchanged for fiat (local currency) within minutes in various countries 

3rd Quarter 2021

More promotions,adverts and airdrop to get more users on Ztranzit/ai_Delivery platforms

Seek partnership deals

4th Quarter 2021

Re-evaluate our plans and business strategy

For improvement,corrections and consolidations

Release/update new blue print

for 2022

1st Quarter 2022

Launch “Ztranzit” transportation service app

2nd Quarter 2022

Open ‘Ztranzit’ offices in several countries especial digital currencies friendly countries

Recruitment for Agents will be announced on all our platforms

Run Campaign adverts and promotions to get more users  

3rd Quarter 2022

Business re-evaluation and launching  of new business plan/Road map

Kyari Jonah
Founder,Idea Promoter,Developer
We Collaborate With The Best
Mobile APP coming soon
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Personal Wallet

Sign in with TFA, fingerprint or Face ID to access your wallet.

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Track Rates
To view cryptocurrency conversion prices.
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Smart Search

Search for delivery task or request for a delivery agent within your location

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Push Alerts

To get notifications about delivery request within your location

How To Buy
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 ZTNZ coin is safe and secure medium of exchange that is not controlled by any central body.

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Tron protocol on which ZTNZ coin is develop on is a technology that strongly supports anonymity and cannot be traced to a particular person  

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ZTNZ coin is developed on a blockchain that currently handles two thousand transactions per second which makes it one of the fastest means of payment

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Apart from the ztranzit and ai_Delivery wallet ZTNZ can be  stored as an asset on multiple platforms that support TRON you can download web based, ios or android wallet   

9th October,2020
November, 2020
Total Supply
3milion[Fixed Supply]
Circulating Supply
Exchange rate:
1 ETH = 1,103 ZTNZ
Project protocol:
ZTNZ Token Contract Address:

The following address is for the ZTNZ token contract. It is NOT a deposit address. Do NOT send tokens to it. To deposit, use the Deposit Address in the ZTNZ Coin Token sale Platform.

Ztranzit Token Powered By ai_Delivery
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